5.3. General print troubleshooting


Print troubleshooting tips.

There’s no one panacea for problems, but “slowing down” linear speeds – whether in your slicer settings or using the front panel knob – does reduce volumetric rate of filament flowing through the hotend, so can be a tremendous benefit if you’re having problems. Unfortunately, if you’ve sliced with really aggressive speeds (e.g. 170mm/s+ for infill), you may have to dial the front knob way back to help. Better would be to fix your slicer settings.


These notes are based on my experiences with the Prusa i3 Mk3 and Artillery/Evnovo Sidewinder X1 printers. If you are using a different printer, please verify the hardware details are similar.

Here are some useful links for troubleshooting print quality issues.

Contact and feedback

You can find me on the Prusa support forums or Reddit where I lurk in many of the 3D printing-related subreddits. I occasionally drop into the Official Prusa 3D discord server where I can be reached as bobstro (bobstro#9830). You can email me directly at projects@ttlexceeded.com.

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